Why Horses are Better Than Science!


My sister Abigail gave me the idea to write this blog and I think it is a very good idea for a blog when written well but I dont know how to do that so I'm going to do it my way. Obviously, I am a bigger fan of horses than I am of science because I am aiming to base my life around horses teaching people to ride and I dont understand where science will come into it except for biology and learning about the working muscles and organs of a horse. Science can always be useful for people who want to go into science like being a scientist or a science teacher or your just weird like my sister and you want to know things like that, and you study it on purpose. The main thing that I want to learn about is horses and my struggle with learning science is I only really feel like I need to know about the horse I dont feel like I need to know about how much force you need to push a boulder or how to properly mix chemicals to make elephants toothpaste although it does look fun and I want to do it I just dont understand why I need that sort of science other than for doing my GCSE's. 

This is the stuff that's important to me,

This not so much even if it does look cool. I cant apply density of water to riding Percy. If I did care for science then this would be so intensely amazing that science words would be falling out of my ears but horses mean more to me than science. But for somebody like my sister science means more to her than horses because she's scared of horses and doesn't understand why I like them so much and she gets scared when one comes up to her to check her out. 

That's all i have to say about why horses are better than science,

Thanks for reading and ride on! XXX