Last week I went to work with my dad, he is a gardener and this week he was putting up a fence that had fallen down because of it being really old and the fence posts falling out, he told me information of how deep to put a fence post, what angle to cut wood at and why there are pieces of wood at a diagonal on a gate.

When your putting in a fence post you have to dig a hole very deep and because there was already a fence post there before so there was also already concrete and old wood in the ground so we had to dig that out before we could put the new fence posts in one of the posts was super hard to dig out because there was so much concrete around it and the concrete was so hard to break, we were using Big hammers, small hammers, big metal stick things that my farther dearest will happily write in the comments please because I forgot the name of it, but it was all made out of metal and it was heavy, and we also used a shovel to dig under. We started on the post and then we had to stop and have a break and do something else then came back to it at the end because it wared us both out so much. when we finally got it out we had to measure the hole because it wasn't deep enough and, my dad told me that a post hole has to be either to where you reach clay, or 2ft, 24 inches or 60cm deep. I had to put all measurements because I don't know which one people measure in and its good to know all of them just because. When you put the concrete in you need to just pour the water in and not stir it because apparently, it sets itself, Tip or the day from me!

We (he) also had to repair a gate so he basically had to put pieces of wood diagonally on the gate and he told me that it was to stop it from sagging and then probably, eventually snapping in half, so at least it will last longer we had to cut the would at a 45 degree angle so that it sits at a good angle on the fence and making it last longer.

I just needed a picture for this blog because I don't have any pictures relevant to last weeks gardening trip with le papa Charlton so enjoy this picture from London! X

Thanks for reading and putting up your fence properly and ride on! XXX


  1. The big metal pole was just that. I use it as a lever to lift heavy pieces of concrete

  2. Glad to see you are enjoying your experiences on home ed. I read your mums blog - I think you have her talents in telling it like it is! Great read


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