Holiday Challenge!

My dream holiday!

Today, my mum has challenged me to come up with my dream holiday but with a reasonable budget that we could possibly do with on that holiday, that we may go on for my birthday that is on Monday!
My mum likes to get me experiences rather than things because they mean more than using something once and never again! (I do still love my gifts though *grandma if you're reading this, don't get any ideas*).

The place I would love to stay at the moment would be, in a caravan or holiday home, in Scotland. I found one on AirBNB called Trixie's holiday home and it looks like a nice cosy holiday home for £172 for 3 nights and the trains to Glasgow and back would be £38 so altogether travel costs would be £210 not including spending costs which won't be much because it isn't in a very big town (I'm assuming) There is a Go Ape nearby which I am hoping we will be able to do because I love to climb. The only problem with being in Saltcoats is there isn't much to do although there are lots of things to do (within a 50-mile radius) it is not very productive for a family who doesn't have a car or even a license for that matter. So even a swimming pool that is 21miles away isn't the best option for people who are aiming to get around by taxi, train or bus services.

We did find a lot of things in Keswick to do, but I did not look for a cabin or house because I'm not the smartest of people but for 3 days I think we could find something to do in those 3 days because we are very adventurous people and we find fun in walking and talking and being human. Not playing on phones or being connected to the world using a VERY small device which people in our day and age claim they can't live without. But who am I to talk, I still use the internet but My challenge for myself is to go one full day without a phone or electronic device. That will be my challenge for one day next week! (you people reading should try it as well, try to connect with the world you take for granted every day because whats the point in living on your phone if you're only going to live once!). 

Enjoy the world you love!!

Thanks for reading and ride on! XXX


  1. Yes to all of this, I will see if I can find something around Keswick for us I think as there are tons of things you can do and buses everywhere, I think switching off for a day will be a huge challenge but we should do it and just enjoy each others company for one of the days!

    1. i think it would be a challenge for you because your attached to your phone mostly!

    2. Because I'm running a business supporting us all, you are so attached to your phone, more than me sometimes ;)


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