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My Life (part 2)

Hi riders, 

So in my first blog, I talked about my life so far but I failed to mention that I used to go to school. By saying that I don't mean that I've just completely ditched school, because I haven't, but I have left school, to be Home educated because I will admit I hate school and that's basically the same for most kids still in primary, or high school, but because school caused me so much stress and the put so much pressure on the students my head just got so overwhelmed with school work and home work that they just loaded on top of me. I would say that home education is a great thing for people like me who get so overwhelmed with all of the work that schools put on top of you, Primary school was hard enough then there was year 7 that was bearable, but then came year 8 and that was drawing the line of pressure, stress and over loading with work mixed together and being a teenager these are hard times through all of the confusion still going through your mind. Pressure, stress, work, and confusion is not a good combination for a girl like me who doesn't want to grow up and wants to stay 3 forever when life was so much easier and you could nap anytime you want. 

Now that I've written a full paragraph on why I hate school so much let me tell you about the great things about home education that I have already experienced that I have now fallen in love with. Now most people say one of the main things that is bad about home education is that it isolates your child but, that is not true and I have made loads of new friends just today when I went to a homeschooling meet up today at better extreme trampolining park, things like these that bring out the life in children like me. Another worry that parents and kids my age worry about when people are being homeschooled is that kids don't get the right education to get into good jobs, but in these 3 days I have learned about the local history of Newcastle, like where the name Newcastle came from and how long it took to build the castle keep in Newcastle, and I have started this blog which allows me to write whatever I want when I want and express myself .

Anyway, that was just a short blog to explain the rest of my life that I failed to explain in my last blog because I'm so good at this. 

Thanks for reading and ride on XXX
Laura X


  1. You are going to be educating us all on home education. I never realised there were groups for instance where you could meet others in same position. I was lucky and learnt about my home town in secondary school in Wales. My daughter has had similar since attending a Welsh school too. It is a wonderful thing to know where you came from and why the area you live in is as it is. Please feel free to share about Newcastle as I would love to know more!


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