I'm sure all 7 of you that read my blog now know that I'm a sparkly being. Perks of being a sparkly being is that I am always going to be a fan of the unicorns. In fact, I am the unicorn queen on Halloween Percy became my unicorn, he reached his full potential with the magical horn of unicorness!

He became a beautiful unicorn and flew over the jumps in the Halloween jumping competition. Percy isn't the only reason that I love unicorns, I love unicorns because of the magic, and the sparkles and the rainbows and the fact that their cousins are horses which is basically a unicorn without the horn and the magic so it's basically the same thing! Some people don't believe in unicorns and I get it because there is no proof, but there's also no proof that they are not real so, in conclusion, we all have our own opinion and my opinion is that unicorns are real and my opinion is right and if you dont believe in them then you are wrong! Even holly bobbins agrees with me and we all know that beagles are never wrong.

You can just tell that she's smart by looking at this picture!

She'll know if you deny her smartness because she knows all,

My husky petunia, however, is not so smart but she's cute and if you say that unicorns aren't real to her then she'll be sad and nobody wants a sad choony! 

So unicorns are real and that is a fact,

Thanks for reading and ride on! XXX