The Greatest Showman!

The Best Movie Of All Time!

Recently, a new film based on a family of performers building a circus in NewYork city with so many plot twists it makes for a great movie. It is also a musical so the songs give it that extra bit of emotion and meaning. My favourite 3 songs in order from 1st to 3rd are Never Enough, This is Me and from now on.

Never enough is a song that takes place on the stage by a character named Jenny Lind she is a European opera singer that Phinius T Barnum brings to New York to perform as part of his acts, the song is emotional as it is to do with never having enough of what you've already got and it makes it better because in the film Phinius is striving to get more than he needs because to him its never enough.

This is me is a song that comes right after never enough and it is sung by the bearded lady and the rest of the circus crew after they get rejected by Phinius after wanting to come into a room with everyone else after Jenny's performance just for a couple of drinks and to mingle but just because they are different they aren't allowed in so they sing a song to empower them and the song is all about their differences and it turns out to be a really inspiring song to show that you sholdnt care about your apperance becase you are you and nobody can tell you otherwise.

From now on is the last song and it is set in a bar where Phinius is sitting feeling sorry for himself after he's lost everything he's grown, his circus burned down in a fire and his wife left him because a scandal that happened on Jenny Lind's tour, the song uplifts the whole movie as it is what brings the whole circus family back together it is the song that brings Phinius to realise that he has another chance to get back what he lost and when he does it makes a set up for the best ending.

This is my all-time favourite film and I dont think anything could replace it,

Thanks for reading and ride on! XXX