Horse Shows!

On the 1st of June, I am going to be competing in my riding schools show where I will be doing 4 out of the 5 classes given to choose from, 
Class 1 is showing how clean your horse is,
Class 2 is showing how clean you and your tack is, 
Class 3 is in hand showing where you take your horse around on the ground not mounted,
Class 4 is mounted showing where you give a showpiece while mounted on horseback,
Class 5 is the obstacle course where you go around mounted on a timed obstacle course.

I only want to do classes 1, 2, 4, and 5 because I dont find the in hand showing fun as you are only running around with your horse although it is to show control I dont do enough cardio to have the motivation to do the in hand showing! I did last years summer show and I did classes 1, 2, 4, and 5 and it was really fun I got a 5th in class 1, I got a 4th in class 2, I got a 3rd in class 4 and I got a 1st in class 5 and I was really proud of me and Percy because I didn't expect to do so well in class 5 because I thought I was quite slow but I was 2 seconds faster than my friend riding Sam which I find is a success the fact that had I taken and longer on any of the parts I would have come second and  can really ony thank Percy because he is the speediest pony when he wants to be and when he gets excited. At Christmas, Percy will bomb off because he loves the races between him and the other horses parallel with him. 

Another thing I was really proud of myself for was how clean I actually got Percy to be, it took me a long time to bath Percy, I don't know how long exactly but I know I took a long time because everyone started to get mad at me for taking too long as one of my friends still had to bath kate but I had a reason for taking forever because percy is pyebald and I have to make him actually look white and he's mostly just grey and kate is a chesnut with a white sock and won't take as long to bath. not to mention Percy gave me a nose bleed while I was washing his legs the morning after he kneed me in the nose. another thing when I turned him out on the night before the show he thought, I know what will get on Laura's nerves, if I roll on the ground, that should annoy her! And he did and I was not happy! 

These pictures from the last show gives you an idea of how clean Percy got and I was quite proud of it although I dont think the judges agreed since I got a 5th but it was still fun attempting to bath him.

I hope I do better in the next show on the 1st June and I hope I get at least 1 other 1st because who doesn't want a shiny red ribbon! 

Thanks for reading and ride on! XXX