My Top 5 Favourite Horses At The Stables!

My Favourite's!

At the stables, I obviously have favourite horses and I have different reasons for each one because each one has a different personality, they are all different sizes, breeds and colours.

Number 1!
My number one favourite is obviously Percy, Percy was the first horse I rode at north lizard riding school, Percy is a piebald cob and is about 13'5hh, me and Percy have built a bond up to the point where he will walk over to me in the field when I call him or if he sees me. When I'm walking down to the barn the first face I will see is Percy's because he pops his head up over the wall when he hears me. When I'm riding him I can always get a lot of energy out of him and when he gets excited he pops a little buck every now and again especially when we are jumping. Percy can do 1 trick and it is giving a kiss, I will show him a treat and then raise my hands up to my chin and he will bring his head up to give me a kiss, he only does it for people he likes so I'm happy I am one of those people.

Number 2!
My second favourite horse is Smartie and he is just such a funny little pony, I used to love riding him but now I only ride him about once every 3 months because I am getting a bit big for him but I can still ride him. Smartie is about 12'2hh and is a little black pony with 2 white socks on his legs. When I first rode smartie he was quite laid back but that was when he first came and he wasn't really aware of his surroundings and abilities but the second time I rode him I called him an alien because of the way his canter strides and trot strides were he just moved so fast me made me out of breath after I had one canter, smartie is just such a funny little pony and I love him to bits.

Number 3!
Paddy is my 3rd favourite he is a new horse on the yard and he is a livery on the weekdays and a school on the weekends the first time I rode him was last week and he is just such an amazing horse, he is about the same size as Percy at 13'5hh and is a skewbald cob he is used to being schooled alone so for him to be in the same arena as a bunch of other horses sort of bamboozled him and he tries to catch up to his friends which make him go very fast and he gets very excited.

Number 4!
My 4th favourite horse is peanut, I dont like to ride him because he is too lazy for me, people can definitely get energy out of him but for me, he seems to be as lazy as he can be I do love him though because he can do 4 tricks and he's just so lovely and friendly, he does pawing at the ground if you hold a treat at his leg and you paw at the ground with your foot then he will paw with his foot, he does kisses just like Percy, he does bowing you put a treat inbetween his leg then he will bow down to get it, and lastly he does smiling if you hold a treat up above his head and say smile he will lift his lip up to show his teeth and will show you a smile. Peanut is a piebald cob and stands about 15hh!

Number 5!
My 5th favourite horse is Kate, she is a sassy mare she is the only mare on the yard that I like just because she is so sassy, she tries to storm out the gate if nobody is keeping an eye on her she also gives you the lip, if she's feeling moody then she will flap her bottom lip as if she's trying to have an argument with you. She is about 14'hh and shes a sassy chestnut mare with 2 socks on her feet. Kate also has a brother called Sam but he isn't as exciting as kate he doesn't give you the lip if he's moody!

Those are my top 5 horses at the stables,

Thanks for reading and ride on! XXX