York Cats!


In York, there is a cat trail you can do which leads you round the city centre of York. The trail dates back to 1920 when Sir Stephen Aitcheson placed 2 on a building that he owned in low Ousegate. People say that he put them there to scare away the rats and mice but others think he put them there solely for aesthetic purposes, and people had the idea that he thought they would bring good luck. Others took the idea and put them on their own buildings and eventually you would just find the odd cat pop up around the place, in hope that good things would happen. In 1979 a local architect named Tom Adams, who had drawn black cats as his signature since the '50s, decided to bring back the idea of putting cats on buildings and started to place them on his own buildings that he designed. A York-based sculptor was then commisioned to bring them to life. Tom passed away in 2006 but his memory lives on through the cat trail.

Holly was not a fan of the cat trail because obviously, thems pesky cats! We went for lunch at the star restaurant and Holly was a fan and gave 5 barks out of 5 she appreciates when she gets attention off the staff and the water they gave her was 'wefweshin' and 'quenched Meez fowst' (words of Holly Bobbins herself).

The cat trail was fun because looking for that cats was really funny because we kept passing them and some of the clues confused us and there was also this Australian couple following us around because they were doing the trail and they couldn't find the cats, as well as me and my mum, could since I had younger eyes and they were quite old.

To finish the day off we went and got cakes from Bettys and when we got to the train station we looked very high class sitting on the floor with our Bettys cakes!

The train journey was fun since it only took an hour both ways and since I had my charger I could endlessly listen to music and ignore my mum as much as I wanted!

Photo credits to Mandy Charlton (My dearest mother)

Thanks for reading and ride on! XXX