Springtime is finally here! (sort of)

It was supposed to officially become spring in March but I think its fake news since in the last week the only signs of spring have started such as Sun, leaves on trees, flutterboos (butterflies) flying around, and IT WAS WARM, us Englanderers didn't know what the sun was until last week all we knew was snow and rain and the odd bit of it being dry but you would still freeze your butt off. Yesterday it was warm enough to take my jumper off to ride until it started raining.
It was even warm enough to do path art with a jumbo box of chalk.

I was able to walk up into the field and as soon as Percy heard my voice he started to walk over which was adorable and you can see from this picture that it was warm.

I rode without my jumper on which was fun because I could feel the wind against me when I was cantering and even when it did start to rain a little bit I was fine because Kate was making me work to keep her going so she kept me warm, also just for clarification I rode kate yesterday because my dad has been bugging me for weeks to ride her because Kate is his favourite horse. 

Another good thing about the summer is that when walking up and down from the field with the horses there were no particularly muddy puddles we had to go through and the coral wasn't all soupy like it usually is from all the rain.
In this picture the horses were grumpy and the coral was all soupy from the mud but...
In this picture, the coral was dry because of the sun and it was a lot easier to walk through.
another good thing about spring is the fields are much dryer so the horses cant get as muddy.

Winter Percy Vs clean Percy,
There is a much bigger difference and I prefer clean Percy.

1 bad thing though is when the horses shed the hair gets everywhere and shows are a pain when the hair gets all over your blazer! I love spring so much better than the winter because there are so many more pros and cons and this spring and summer I will have a lot more pictures on my blog and on my Instagram, @x_laura_x_horses_x also a lot nicer videos. There are more holiday events to take part in that will be a lot of fun, that is unless I get a horse which as we know from my last post is a possibility if my mum or dad can find the time to find horses in the area to loan. But so far there is no news on that but I will be keeping you all posted on my Instagram.

Thanks for reading and ride on! XXX