Having a travel photographer as a mother is good because it means we like to travel and so for my mums birthday we got a 3 day trip to Dublin, so on the first Wednesday of the holidays we got on a 30-minute flight to Dublin and spent some time with a friend and her 2 boys. We did a lot of walking around because we didn't have a car to drive and taxi's cost an arm and a leg to get around the corner. we were staying quite close to Dublin Zoo so it was fun to go there and see all the animals, my top 3 favourite animals are the jaffs (giraffes), efelents (elephants), and the pantless thunder gooses (ostriches), These are all joint 1st but I also like the rocenosoruses (rino's) and the flimongoos (flamingos), ( I also like giving differeng species of animals my own names, theyre just spinoffs of the origionals, except for pantless thunder gooses I got that name off the company lucid chart)! 

The second favourite thing I did in Dublin was going to the national leprechaun museum! we went in and the first thing we did was go into this room where we were told about the history of leprechauns, like the fact that original leprechauns didn't wear green they wore more neutral colours, they wore a brown waistcoat, brown trousers and brown shoes and they wore a red hat, but thanks to an older movie that Disney made gave people the impression that all leprechauns wore green because in the movie the king leprechaun wore a green outfit. This movie gave this illusion to the general public in thinking that all leprechauns dress in green. The next room we moved into was a huge room we were shrunken into to make us seem the size of a leprechaun and it was really cool because we could climb on whatever we wanted there was 3 huge chairs, a massive table, a desk with a giant lamp stood on it, a big fireplace, and some huge drawers. It was definitely my favourite room. the next room was a maps room, where were told where to find the leprechauns around Ireland and we were told about other dangerous creatures such as fairies, Irish Faries are not very nice. We were then led into a tiny leprechauns cottage where we were told some stories to represent how Leprechauns entertained themselves. Then we made a wish and ran through a rainbow and so far my wish hasn't come true but I believe it will soon. once we had run through the rainbow we went into a room with a small pot of gold in the middle and we were then told another story about a leprechaun who  grants 3 wishes, then we went into the last room and it was quite dark but we were told a spookier story then we finished by shouting our names down the well to emphasise our previous wishes!

Those were my 2 favourite adventures from Dublin and I had no trouble writing this blog because Dublin was so fun and I remember loads from the trip, also shout out to Kevin the go Dublin bus tour driver who I know more about his life than I actually do about Dublin!

Thanks for reading and ride on! XXX