Yesterday, I got a new sewing kit because I had been asking for a while now so, my mum finally bought me a 161 piece sewing kit and it is great, I do hobby-horsing in my spare time and one of my horse's legs got broken by someone (me) accidentally stepping on it. I've been doing "surgeries" on him and so far he's had 3 because I stepped on him once then I think my brother or sister stepped on him again and then that was all before I got my sewing kit so he had the 2 surgeries to fix the leg then one more to sew him back up then that ended up being 3 surgeries.  I also had to sew up a hole I had in my other hobby horse named Crystal. And then I sewed up a hole in Dorito's tail, and by now I think everyone knows who Dorito is.

Last night when I was bored and got in the sewing mood I decided to sew one of my stuffed horses a rug, it turned out pretty good considering I've only really ever sewn a terrible cushion but this actually turned out quite well.

This is my horse Cheznie, she's called Cheznie because she's a chestnut mare that I got from a charity shop a couple of years ago, I made sure the rugs had all of the bits and bobs it needed on it to make it look like a proper rug.
I put on the little bit of detail for a bit of extra effect it says Chez, it's short for Cheznie, I was too lazy to put on the extra NIE so I just put on Chez.

Thanks for reading and ride on! XXX