Photo shoots!


A couple weeks ago, I was supposed to write this blog about a photo shoot I did for my favourite dog Dorito. My mum taught me about editing and finding the correct lighting for taking the best photos, I dont really get why we did this because I dont know when I'm ever going to have to take a professional photo on a farm or at a stable, I didn't argue though because it was fun and all I had to do after that was write this blog which only took me about a week to come around and write, when I was taking the pictures we were using proper backdrops and a big lense that made everything super duper clear, My mum wanted to buy it because at that point she was just renting it but because we barely had enough money to rent the lense nevermind buy it for much more expensiveness.

These are my mums 2 favourite pictures I will have to say I agree because of the square focus on Dorito and the contrast between the backdrop and Dorito it makes him look rather dashing. I edited a few more pictures that were also very good but were from different angles and had different lighting and positioning.

These were the best pictures I took and edited so,
Thanks for reading and ride on! XXX