Winter olympics!

Winter Olympics!

On Friday, the winter Olympics begin with the opening ceremony and for this, my mum gave me a task to give information and opinions on the Winter Olympics.

Where are the Olympics being held this year?
The 2018 winter Olympics are being held in the mountains of PyeongChang located in South Korea!

How many athletes are representing Great Britain?
Altogether there are 59 British athletes taking part in the 2018 Winter Olympics.
Lizzy Yarnolds, the last Winter Olympics Skeleton Gold medalist, is taking part in this year's winter Olympics hoping to bring home another gold medal.

What are my top 3 favorite events?
1. Bobsledding is my number one favorite merely because of the movie cool runnings, it's about a Jamaican bobsledding team who go into the winter Olympics with the slightest bit of knowledge about Ice, Cold temperatures, and Fast slopes. 

2. Figure skating comes next as I love ice skating myself and although I would never get into it professionally it will always amaze me how well people can move around on ice with thin blades beneath their feet. 

3. Snowboarding, it is another one of those sports that amaze me because as snowboarders are going down a half pipe at amazing speeds they manage to do amazing tricks that I would probably never get my head around.

What 2 unusually paired countries are collaborating this year at the Olympics?
At the start of the year, it was unknown as to whether North Korea would send a delegation to this year’s Winter Olympics. However, the first formal talks between the rivals in more than two years proved to be helpful, and the North agreed to send athletes to the games. The two Koreas are going to march together at the opening ceremony under the same flag.

How many countries are taking part in the winter Olympics?
There are approximately 119 countries taking part in this year winter Olympic games!

How many sports are there to compete in?
This year there are 15 sports available to compete in these are,
-Alpine skiing
-Cross-country skiing
-Figure skating
-Freestyle skiing
-Ice hockey
-Nordic combined
-Short track speed skating
-Ski jumping
-speed skating!
these are all of the sports available to take part in this year's winter Olympics!

There is all the information I have been asked about so...
Thanks for reading and watching the winter Olympics and ride on! XXX

These pictures are just here because they look artsy and wintery! X


  1. How many events are there at the Winter Olympics and how many countries in total are attending?

    1. the answers are just after which 2 countries are collaborating.


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