Going on a trip!

Up North!

I made a plan to go as far up north as possible it was tricky finding times that suited Holly's Bladder schedule so the maximum amount of time to spend on a train would be up to 3 hours, but I tried to minimize it to 2 and a half. On Monday morning we would get on our first train to Edinburgh, then we'd go to Dundee from Edinburgh,  then it would be a 3-hour journey from Dundee to Aviemore, and then we would go from Aviemore to Inverness and we would stay in Inverness for 2 nights because I really want to see Inverness. When we wake up after the second night we will travel to Helmsdale on a 3-hour journey from Helmsdale we will finally get to wick at about 18:22pm. On the way back I decided to take a different route so at 8:02 we would get on a train and head back towards Helmsdale and have a pitstop for bobbins to relieve herself, then from Helmsdale, we will go to Inverness, but then from Inverness we will head to Pitlochry, and in Pitlochry we will have to wait 2 hours before the next train to Edinburgh. When we get to Edinburgh we will stay overnight as when we get there it will be about 16:20pm and because we love Edinburgh we will get a couple of hours to have a wander in our favorite place, and then on the Friday at about 16:00 we will hop on a train back to Newcastle and we will get home at 17:30!

This is one of the big projects my mum has challenged me to and I think its a great idea. I have managed to organize this all on my own and I think its pretty amazing how well I actually managed to make a trip to the end of the country and back and hopefully all in one piece, bobbins will be happy with her pitstops and new sniffs all over the country I am happy because I managed to book a holiday sufficient to all of us and mum is happy because I managed to do this all on my own and its an actual life skill that school can/t teach you unless your home schooled. 

The only problem is I won't have time to book a horse ride because we will be traveling so much unless I can find a horse riding place close to us in Inverness where I can book a beach ride or something. 

I'll have to stick to riding tink on Sunday though but it will be fun either way!!

Thanks for reading and ride on! XXX