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As you know, I have not blogged over the Christmas and new year holidays, and that's obviously because it was Christmas and who wants to do work over Christmas... Nobody! So I took the Christmas break off blogging, but for my educations sake, I'm back on it now blogging 2-3 times a week usually Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

So in this blog, I am going to tell you about the highlights of my Christmas including my top 3 favorite gifts!

On Christmas Eve I wasn't at home because Christmas Eve was on a Sunday so I was at riding. I was up at the stables from 8:00 - 3:00 since we finished earlier because it was Christmas Eve. I rode Percy on the Christmas Eve and I also go a free ride on George, Percy, and George are very similar in the way that they are both VERY competitive when I was riding we were doing games as it was going to be Christmas the next day. The games were basically, you ride up as fast as you want to a barrel around it and back to the starting point with a particular object like a card or a bauble or box of chocolates. When you get back to the starting point you have a person to hand the object over to and then they will go and do the same thing. Now, with Percy he decides he's not going to just do a normal paced canter into a nice gentle trot around the barrel and a nice normal canter again, NO Percy decides he's going to Bomb it up to the barrel to 2 strides of a slow disunited canter so that I could steer him enough to get around the barrel and then bomb it all the way back and come to a great halt when I get to the next person I need to hand the letter to. Then George is a completely different but similar story. George will do two strides of trot to start off and then go strait bombing it, it's barely canter but when he gets to the barrel he slows down to a normal canter still hard to steer and you can barely steer him because he practically runs into the fence anyway before he, last minute decides this is a bad idea I should probably turn but not let the person on my back know I'm turning and make it fall off. (I didn't fall off) Once George has got around the barrel he bombs it the full way and almost runs into the mirror at the other side of the arena in which you then have to steer him around to pass the letter, bauble, etc, and then your turn is over. I am really surprised that I never lost around for my team, even the teams I was just helping out with not just the ones I was riding with. that was my thrilling Christmas eve.

On, Christmas day I woke up at 6:00 but I went downstairs at 8:00 to open presents my top tree presents on Christmas day were:
1. my cat backpack 

2. my skateboard

3. my yellow hunter wellies
(Sadly I do not have a picture of the hunter wellies but you can always go to their website and look at them yourself)

Thank you for reading and ride on! XXX


  1. Well that’s a total score for me on the Christmas gifting items!! I have no idea what a disunited canter is but I’m impressed with the term.

    1. a disunited canter is when a horse goes into canter and their front legs are on the right lead but the back legs are going in a different pattern.


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