Home education Robotics!


Yesterday, my mum got sent a kit to make an R2-D2 robot which you can programme to do tricks and make noises and go wherever you want as long as there is access to a ramp since it isn't great on stairs. It is really fun to play with and was great fun to build it was a challenge but it wasn't too hard to put together. I like the way they based it on star wars and I am taking it to my grandma's on Saturday because my little cousin is obsessed with star wars and Darth Vader so it will be a fun activity for playing with instead of usual dolls or dress up it will just be something different. My dad also loves Star Wars so I am excited to see what he thinks of it and I know he's reading this so it's just something for you and me to play with instead of alternating videos on the firestick. 

R2-D2 links up to your phone and so there's no controller to lose unless you lose your phone then otherwise you have bigger issues than losing your controller. the making of it took me a couple hours but it was definitely worth it because I can do all sorts of crazy things with it.

Thanks for reading and ride on! XXX