Highway Code 215!

Highway code 215!

Highway code 215 states that drivers have to pass wide and slow of all equine on the road including horse-drawn carriages and normal equine.
I quite occasionally end up on the weird and dark side of youtube but earlier I was watching a couple videos of drivers being extremely disrespectful and arrogant towards the equine using the roads, where they have just completely flown past them like the Highway code doesn't even exist but, I'll leave a link at the end of the blog of a website that states the code. Most drivers aren't aware of Highway code 215 but even then I think that people nowadays have just lost all common sense and responsibility for being respectful to equine. Its not just on the road either, I was out on a hack with the riding school this Sunday as we do every now and again and I was riding Denver, Denver is a bit of a skitzy horse but he has been on this trail loads of times with no issues, But this trail is also available to dirt bikes, on this trail we were lucky enough to bump into these Idiots who were revving the engines really loud and screeching the breaks and being so disrespectful for the fact that there were horse that were so visible out in the open with bright yellow high visibilty jackets on and they could definatley see us but they were too idiotic to care it was only halfway through the hack that denver got spooked but he waas fine because I comforted him and kept him in control and overall he was fine, but it makes me so annoyed when people just dont have the common curtosy to slow down and wait for horses to pass so they dont injure the horse or rider.

I saw another couple videos that were relatively similar there would be a horse walking down a road that cars squeeze round because they are quite narrow but they still come flying around the lanes like nothing is the matter, But you really have to be careful when driving and riding on these roads because if a horse and rider is on the other side of the hill where you just can't see it you are going to have an accident and its not going to hurt your car as much as it's going to hurt the horse and the rider wether they get physically injured or not it could be the mental damage you cause to the horse and rider. This is why highway code 215 is there to keep horses and people safe from physical and mental damage.

HIGHWAY CODE 215  (Click on this to become aware)

Thanks for reading and ride on! XXX

Have respect!