Breeds Of Horses!

How Many Breeds Are There!

My mum set me the task to find out how many different types of breeds of horse there are that are well known and to say what my 10 favourite breeds of horse and the most interesting breeds of horses I find interesting. 

There are over 350 breeds of horse and pony in the world today.

My 10 favourite breeds of horse are from 1-10:

1. The Shire - A breed of heavy horse
2. Arabian - Has a distinctive head shape and high tail carriage
3. Fresian - Graceful and nimble for their size
4. Akhal-Teke - Know to have the shiniest coat and is very agile 
5. Appaloosa - known for their beautiful spotted coat
6. Gypsy horse - A small well-built cob like horse
7. Cob - Traditionally a small horse with a stout build and strong bones 
Cob is the only one I can give you a visual off because it is the only breed I took a picture of myself and Percy is a Cob
8. Falabella Pony - known to be one of the smallest breeds of pony in the world
9. Haflinger - Often described as energetic but smooth and agile
10. Clydesdale - Another breed of heavy horse

The most interesting 5 horses in my opinion are:

1. Bashkir curlies - They have a unique curly coat that really catches your eyes
2. Kathiawari Horse - They have uniques ears that turn inwards
3. Akhal-Teke - They have a really distinctive shine to their coats which reflect back the sun in the desert.
4. Knabstrupper - A danish breed of horse with an unusual coat coloration
5. Friesian gypsy vanner horse crossbreed - A cross between a cob and a majestic Friesian

Thanks for reading and ride on! XXX