10 Weird things equestrians do outside of the barn!

Weird Equestrians!

Us equestrians are generally quite weird at the barn, for example, we love the smell of horse poo, we will happily go outside in snow and rain and have our fingers fall off just for the sake of the horse. But, we are even weirder outside of the barn and this is what this blog is all about.

10 Weird Things Equestrians Do Outside Of The Barn!

1. Most places you go, whether it's the supermarket or a restaurant or just at home,  you'll just end up turning into a horse cantering around checking lead changes. You can usually get some good practice in with this. also doing dressage and show jumping when you're out at the park and you see a fallen tree branch you'll jump it like your doing cross country and when you're in the house you might do a bit of dressage to pass the time or even setting up jumps in the house with chairs and brooms.

2. Collecting loads of random horse related items you don't need, like new brushes and halters and all sorts of treats and trinkets you buy that you just don't need. I personally tend to buy stuff that aren't even horse things like this week I bought a dish sponge that holds soap so I can give Percy small baths in the summer when he has little muddy patches on his bum or belly and because I love him so much I do this for him!

3. Hobby Horsing, It's something that has gone around the equine world and left them in awe as people compete in showjumping and dressage whether they have riding experience or not. I personally do this and I have 2 hobby horses, I have a chestnut gelding called button and a pink unicorn called crystal. This evening I was doing jumping with them both, I set up a jump with an ironing board set up in the hall at about 30cm tall.

4. Turning your dog into a horse, I tend to do this with Petunia because she's the biggest dog I have, my dad doesn't like me doing this though because shes disabled with brain damage and problems with her back legs. I do also like to groom them like horses. I do jumping with Holly and she loves it I couldn't exactly ride Holly like a horse because she's too short and stubby.

5. Galloping upstairs is the only way to go upstairs, you usually get this habit of going upstairs on all fours when you're a child but I have found its a really efficient way of going upstairs, and once you do it a couple of times it slowly becomes a habit and I have acquired that habit.

6. Watching countless amounts of horse riding life hack videos is a thing I do when I'm bored, I think to myself I'll definitely do that but then I'll watch the video again a year later or something like that and think I said I was going to do that but I've never come across a time that I've needed that, or I will have bought the stuff for it and never come across a time that I needed that so you end up wasting your time and money on pointless things but I thing most people do that anyway without needing to watch videos.

7. Treating your hobby horse like a real horse is the only thing to do with your hobby horse because if you don't treat it like a horse then your parents won't eventually buy you one if you don't look after it to perfection. By looking after the horse I mean, you bathe it, you groom it, you feed it, you lunge it you do everything to make sure it is 'happy'.

8. Turning every conversation into a talk about horses. Beware when your talking to an equestrian because you could be talking about something like a party and then in 2 seconds you could be talking about how cute the other persons white freisian is, Its a talent all equestrians carry and it can get annoying for the equestrian and the person your talking to because sometimes we do it without even knowing.

9. If someone makes the comment 'Horse riding is not a sport' we will go all Jurassic park mode on them giving them all sorts of evidence to show that horse riding is a port and we will get so defensive about our favorite sport, which can I just say is a sport, Because we get so many people saying we just sit there and it really annoys us.

10. Our Instagram feed is ONLY horse related pictures and my account is solely made for the equestrian industry. My Instagram is Percy and sometimes I post pictures of the other horses at the stablePercy percy is who I mainly post pictures of. My Instagram is @x_laura_x_horses_x just getting some free advertisement in here.
Just a little example of my Instagram feed from the summer!

Thanks for reading and ride on! XXX


  1. if Horse riding is a sport why are they called hobby horses?


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