I love winter my favourite part about the winter season is definitely the snow! Even, if its not winter until the 23rd of December. It was snowing this morning and it lay on the ground for about 20 mins after before it turned to sludge although I did manage to build a mini snow man in that hour of snow we had! I wish it would snow for longer and then I could make bigger snowmen! 

I named my snowman Smolaf as in he's the smaller version of Olaf! I used sticks for arms (obviously), a carrot nose (obviously), stone eyes (obviously) and instead of using stones for buttons, I put in used tea lights (they work so well) they go in really easily! Apparently, its supposed to snow all of this weekend, but it isn't very convenient because when it snows it gets cold and riding with cold fingers and toes is not fun! Saturday, I hope will be fun because me and my friend Emily can play in the snow all day since it's the weekend which will be fun but I want it all gone by Sunday or I will not be happy with the person who controls the weather! (Jack Frost)

All in all i just think that snow shouldn't be allowed when I'm riding, people just don't get the memo that I'm riding so that means it has to be ample temperature in south shields, just for my lesson and whenever else I get a ride on that day!

Thanks for reading and ride on! XXX