Big Project!

My Big Project!

My dad set me a project to do for before Christmas so this is the project Blog!

The task was to find out how much it would cost to take care of a horse at three different stables including
-travel costs
and livery costs!

for my next 5 blogs, I will be focusing on one of these topics for 3 different stables! 


North lizard riding school!

At north lizard riding school the owner of the stables Eric Nunn is a farrier himself so he does all of the farrier care for the stables, for school horses, and for livery horses!
Farrier at North lizard is an extra cost for liveries with a dependable cost that is decided when the work is given!

Westacres Stables!

It seems quite expensive at Westacres but that's coming from me a 14-year-old teen who doesn't own a horse or money. Each week for full livery you get farrier included so it seems convenient for whether you pay full livery or part livery because either way you still pay for farrier included!

Murton Equestrian center!

Murton offers full livery with all needs which I am assuming means farrier as well but it does not specify on the website which is quite confusing, you have to call them or email them for more information and if I find anything else out then I will put it in at the start of my next blog.

I only have pictures from north lizard but that's because I have taken them otherwise if I took pictures of other stables I don't think they would be very happy!

overall thanks for reading and ride on!