BIG PROJECT! (part 5)

Livery Cost!

This is part 5 of my big project and if you didn't read my other blogs then go read those, but basically, in this final blog, I am finishing off finding out how much it would be to take care of a horse at 3 different stables including:
- farrier (done)
- vets (done)
- Insurance(done)
- travel cost(done)
and livery costs!(this blog)

What my dad was meaning by livery costs was how much boarding at each stable would be, and how much the full and part boarding would be!

North lizard riding school!

Boarding at North lizard is approximately £80 per week which I think is very expensive the livery includes:
  • Mucking out, Feeding, Watering, Rates, Electric, Straw Bedding and Hay
  • Appropriate Hard Feeds
  • Daily Turnout of Horses
  • Winter All-Weather Turnout
  • Rugging Up
  • Use of Tack Room and Facilities
  • Free Parking
  • Free use of Outdoor Arena and Show Jumps (at staff’s discretion as to what is available at the time)
  • Fantastic Hacking on Local Bridleways
  • Supervised Worming Programme and Vaccination Programme
This is all without the add-ons which are:

  • Worming (Every 13 weeks) / Worm Count
  • Clipping
  • Shoeing
  • Schooling / Exercising
  • Grooming
  • Pick Feet Out
  • Tack Cleaning
  • Show Preparation – price on application
  • Bathing
  • Rug Laundering

Westacres stable!

Westacres includes full and part livery and the price also depends on whether your boarding a horse or a pony!

Full livery includes:
  • Luxury stable
  • shavings/ hayledge
  • rug change, vet, farrier
  • physio assistance, turnout
  • bringing in and feeding all included
  • they feed and muck out
Horse £84 per week
pony £74 per week

part livery includes all of the above (except pricing) apart from you have to feed and muck out yourself!

horse £74 per week
pony £84 per week

Murton Equestrian Centre!

We offer a Full livery service and are approved by the BHS. Horses and ponies are cared for by our staff. Included in our full livery service is all hay, feed and bedding and mucking out services. Horses are mucked out and skipped out daily and turned out. Owners are expected to groom and exercise their own horses but arrangements can be arranged for this service also.

On their website, they had no pricing for livery services at Murton, but they did have this bit of information available on the website, I am assuming that you have to phone up to find out pricing for livery services.

Thanks for reading and ride on! XXX