Big project (PART 3)


This is the third part of my big project! If you haven't seen my last 2 blog posts basically my dad has set me a challenge to find out how much it would be too stable a horse at three different stables!
It has to include the following:
- farrier (DONE)
- vets (DONE)
- insurance (THIS BLOG)
- travel costs
and livery costs!

As you know now, this blog is on insurance and you can usually get insurance from your vets like you saw in the last blog I found the closest vets that provide for equine for each yard/barn.

North lizard riding school!

At Blythman and partners, There is a wide range of policies available, all of which usually require you to pay an excess per condition. The cover can vary from 12 months for a condition or for the lifetime of your pet. You need to check the details of the policy carefully. you can get an equine wellness plan for £17.04 per month. 
healthcare plan for horses includes:
  • Annual vaccination (provided your horse/pony is up to date at the point of joining the plan)
  • Free health check with booster – eyes, skin/coat, heart, lungs, foot examination, joints,
    muscles and weight
  • One free visit with 10-minute exam during normal surgery hours
  • Two worm egg counts per year
  • Free identichip
  • 15% off all other products and services; consultations, medications and more.
  • £1 per month discount for additional pets

I found on the last blog that Blythman and partners was the closest vets at only 1 mile from North lizard riding school. 

Westacres stable

Like I found in the last post the vets closest to Westacres stable was actually the same vets as North lizard riding school which was Blythman and partners at 2.2 miles from Westacres. 

Murton Equestrian centre

I found a better equine vet in Durham which was relatively close to Murton equestrian centre but it still didn't have any pricing so I'm just going to say that for all stables I would recommend going to Blythman and partners because they have a really good pricing and a good wellness plan the insurance I couldn't find out much about but I found a wellness plan at blythman and partners!

Thanks for reading and ride on! XXX