BIG PROJECT! (part 2)


This is part 2 of my big project and if you didn't read my first blog then go read that, but basically in the next 4 blogs including this one I am finding out how much it would be to take care of a horse at 3 different stables including
- farrier (done)
- vets (this blog)
- Insurance
- travel cost
and livery costs!

As you now know this blog is to do with vet costs so what I am going to do is find a nearby vet for horses, at each stable!

North lizard riding school!

I found a vet about a mile away from North Lizard Riding school called Blythman and Partners LTD!
they do equine services which include:
    • Vaccinations
    • Microchipping and passports
    • Dentistry
    • 5-stage pre-purchase vettings
    • Geldings
    • Laboratory tests
    • Endoscopy
    • Pregnancy scanning
    • Lameness workups
    • Xrays and ultrasounds
    • 24-hour emergency call out service

The price comes under the insurance which will come up in the next blog.

Westacres stable!

When I was looking for a place for equine vets in Sunniside which is where Westacres is, Blythman and Partners LTD came up again but it was 2.2 miles from sunniside but all of the vets close to it did not do equine services so if your looking for an equine vet in sunniside then Blythman and Partners LTD is the one for you because it takes a long time to find a stables that actually does equine services!

Murton stables!

for Murton stables, the closest vets that do equine care was Simply horses which was 10.1 miles from Murton stables, it doesn't really have a proper website with costs and it has no reviews, Murton stables probably has a better vet but even when I zoomed in so that I could see the stables but I couldn't find it so this was the best I could do, when it comes to my insurance blog I will try my best to find out more information but there will be no guarantees.

Anyway thanks for reading and ride on! XXX