Metro Adventures! and Chaophraya!

Cooking School At Chaophraya!

Last night, we went to Chaophraya for a cooking school where we made traditional Tai food with the funniest Tai chef ever! We made green Tai curry for main and for starters we made tom yum soup. The food was really good, it tasted even better because we made it ourselves I think if we made pudding it would just put it over the top because who doesn't love pudding! At the end, we got goody bags and they were supposed to have ingredients for tom yum soup but we didn't get any in ours we also got beer but I just gave mine to Mandy Charlton and at Christmas, we are going to give them to my dad because why not!

Metro also helped us to have a great day out in Sunderland, it wouldn't be our usual place to go to but it was still very fun! We were given a pop card, (which we lost),  but it lasted until we had to go home when we had to buy a new ticket just to get home! We went to my new favourite little coffee shop called the doggy diner it was so cute because it had a little doggy playpen where your dog could go off the lead and play with toys and other dogs, sadly holly had no one else to play with in the doggy playpen but she still loved her doggy muffin also known as a woofin!