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My Mums Best friend Harriet is a high school science teacher and so my sister has been tutored by Harriet while she's doing her GCSE's, so today my mum forced me to sit in on GCSE lessons which I don't understand so she said she would do some fun experiments with her we did 4 different experiments but only 2 of them worked, we did chromatography, we did density tests, we Attempted making oobleck and we did a water and pepper magic trick.

For the chromatography, we had to fill up 2 glasses with a tiny bit of water we tested toilet paper, normal paper and that paper you find in those puzzle books that you find in the newsagents next to the magazines. None of them worked but what was supposed to happen was you would draw a dot on the paper, the paper would soak up the water and the water would pick up the ink and spread it up the paper.

This is what it was supposed to happen but we didn't get a picture of it!

The second experiment was a density test, we had to separate the different coloured water we had by putting in different amounts of salt and the water coloured with purple, had 4 teaspoons of salt mixed into it the water coloured blue had 2 teaspoons of salt mixed into it, and the clear water had no salt mixed into it. I slowly poured in the blue water into the purple and then on top of that and then the clear on top of that!

It didn't turn out too bad because you can see the layers well enough!

the next experiment was oobleck, it didn't work because we put too much water into the mixture what is supposed to happen is you mix cornstarch and water and its supposed to make a liquid and solid, like, mixture. so its a bit like quicksand, if you play with it and keep it moving in your hands then it will stay as a ball, if you stop it moving then it will liquidise and go everywhere, I made it in primary school and it worked so that's how I know so much. 

We didn't get any pictures as it did not work.

The last experiment we did was a water and pepper magic trick, what we did was we put a little bit of water on a plate at then put in some ground pepper, and we put a little bit of washing up liquid on our finger and because the tension in the water lowers, the ground pepper moves to the side.
This was the end result of the ground pepper experiment!

Thanks for reading and ride on! XXX