catchup (part 2)

Back At It With The Catchups!

Me and my mum are currently at Bluestone which is in Wales, it is basically like the welsh centre parks although it is lovely here it was a long journey to get here it took us 1 hour on the first train, 1 hour on the second train and 6 hours and 30 mins then in a half an hour taxi which altogether took us 9 hours to get here and it will take us 9 hours to get back which I am not looking forward too. 

tomorrow I am going to be doing zip wiring if it's not too windy but if it is too windy then I will be doing rock climbing, I really hope it's not too windy but I feel like it will be too windy because there have been yellow wind warnings today for tomorrow so I might not be very lucky just like we've not been very lucky with weather because since my mum can't drive we couldn't get the golf buggies so we wanted to get the bikes but we haven't been able to because it has been so wet and windy, ive been bugging by mum since day one for bikes and we've not go them at we are going home at 10:00am friday morning so I dont think there will be any point in getting the bikes now because £60 isnt really worth it for a day and 2 hours! 

I'm not good at writing so I'm going to end it here! 
Thanks for reading and ride on! XXX