It's October!

It's October and my favourite thing to do in October is play in the Autumn Leaves when they fall from the trees because you can throw them about and have leaf fights. It's also Halloween in October and at my Riding school, during the October holidays, they do different types of events like Fun Jumping, Spooktacular Games and Fun Hour Hacks! I love taking part in the fun jumping Because me and Percy do so well and this half term I'm hoping to come first, But I don't want to get my hopes up too high but I have a good feeling about it this year. For Halloween, I want to be a dead horse rider, my mum says that I could just be a horserider and I didn't have to be dead but I disagreed with her because Halloween is supposed to be Scary and I cant be Scary if I'm just a normal horse rider. I have a build a bear saddle and bridle for my dog Dorito ( a Dalmation toy I have had since I was 2) and it goes perfectly with my outfit, I am going to get black eyeshadow and draw on hoofprints on my clothes, And a red one on my face to show what killed me! Although this blog is going off track a little bit from my usual happy side so let's talk about what I did in September! Of course, it was my birthday on the 25th and we all know if you read my blog on it, how that went! September is always a good month, especially when I went on holiday to Haggerston castle, Where I rode this lovely horse called Toddy.

I have no pictures because me and my mum are having some Phone issues so it is not letting me airdrop anything So because I cant have any photos which usually fill up the whole blog post I'm going to end the blog here!

Thanks for reading and ride on! XXX