My Christmas Wishlist!

What I've Got On My Wishlist!

I know I've still got 2 months until it is even Christmas season but I was told by my mum that on Amazon I could make a Christmas list while I was searching through Amazon for a cat backpack, which is one of those backpacks that you put your cat in and it looks like its an astronaut 
I really wanted one of these backpacks because my cat Piracanther has taken a liking to my bedroom so I wanted to be able to take her out with me because she likes me a lot now and I don't know why. 

I also put 2 new headcollars on there for my 2 favourite horses at the stable, Percy and Smartie.

I put the turquoise headcollar on my list for Percy and the silver one on for Smartie I really liked the diamonds on the noseband and I think that these are perfect for them to be matching!

I also put a lot of treats on my list because you can never have too many horse treats!

The horses love their treats at the stables and I wanted to get a horse lick because they last a long time and horses just love treats!

I got a lot of horse things but I won't list them all because otherwise, this list would be way too long. I put some stuff on my list to do with dog agility because me and holly bobbins have been doing a lot of jumping.

I already have a dog training pouch with a clicker so I got the treats to put in there!
I put a lot of polo shirts and socks on my list because you can never have too many socks for Christmas!

I love a good polo shirt because they are so comfortable and I love long socks because they are so cosy and comfy. That's all I'm going to list off my list because otherwise, this blog post would be never-ending.

Thanks for reading and ride on! XXX


  1. You should have included a link to your Amazon Wishlist so that helpful friends and family could find it and purchase things ;)


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