My Business Idea!

What We Really Need In Our Lives!

Now, in our generation we like technology, we live on it pretty much, we use it for everything like work, school, entertainment, etc...  My mum has challenged me to come up with a business idea, just like the people do on The Apprentice, and I have come up with paint that only shows up in the dark, glow in the dark paint, so if you have a room idea like mine where you want blues skies and grass on the walls and ceiling, but in the dark you can't exactly see your walls so you could paint on the ceiling a moon and stars or whatever you want because then you could imagine that you are always outside when your inside. It would mainly be aimed at young children's bedrooms because younger children love to run around outside so allowing their room so be outdoors based in the daytime and night gives them a lot of imaginative ideas and better dreams because of psychological ideas that could go into their brains (I think). But if you're like me and are having wood floors that are grass green you could do tiny dots on the floor with the glow in the dark paint and it would be like fireflies hiding in the small blades of grass like they would in a meadow. Now that I'm writing more about this, the more I'm wanting this glow in the dark paint. It may not be an essential that people need as soon as they hear about it, even if I want it now, But children would love it if they come home at night to their room and they see stars at night and it sets them in a good calm mood for going to sleep. 

Thanks for reading and ride on! XXX