Horse riding and The Apprentice!

What Happened At Horse Riding And On The Apprentice!

At Horseriding yesterday I rode Smartie in my lesson and we did really well while we were doing no stirrups considering I was riding a little pony called Smartie who's trot strides are so quick. Now my inner thighs are killing me because of doing the no stirrups! I ride in the second highest lesson at 13:30pm, except I used to because I have now been moved up to the 10:00am lesson which is the highest lesson and I am so excited because this is the best lesson and this means that I have improved enough in my riding instructor's eyes and I am brilliant! I got some pictures off yesterday but they weren't of my lesson but I did get some really cute pictures of Percy and Smartie!

Yesterday, I also got a free ride on Tixie a working livery at the stables, I didn't do too well on her but Any ride is a good ride whether I do well or not! I've been wanting a picture where Percy was giving me a kiss for a while but I only managed to really get it yesterday and that is the second picture!

On The Apprentice this week they were told to do an interior design on a room of a 5-star hotel with a budget of £13,000 per group! Personally I think that Men can't decorate because they just have no sense of style what so ever. The women did so much better because they blended the colours into the theme so it was all made to fit a 5-star rating! The girls went for a golfing and green theme and they made it work a lot better than the boy's British theme where they painted the walls red, blue and yellow instead of red, white and blue because red, yellow and blue are the colours for Romania. All of their colours clashed and the furniture wasn't productive at all because you couldn't really do anything in your room and it just didn't work.

That's all I can really say about the apprentice so...
Thanks for reading and ride on! XXX