Guess who's been to London!

I've Been To London!

On Thursday, me and my mum went to London for a Three event which I found was really fun because everyone was so friendly! (the only bad part was that I didn't get the new iPhone out of the prize draw!) I didn't even get the chocolate from the photo competition that we did, which is where we had 15 minutes to go outside and take the best picture you can mine wasn't the best because I only have an iPhone SE so my picture wasn't brilliant!

The first picture was my competition entry to get the chocolate but obviously, because it was an iPhone SE it wasn't that great my favourite picture is the picture of me in front of Buckingham Palace because my mum took the picture and I love the way my green hair looks! I loved seeing Buckingham Palace because it was such a pretty sight and I didn't remember much from when I was 4 so seeing it now, I didn't want to leave because it just looked so pretty! I also loved wandering around Piccadilly because the parks were so pretty! 

At the Three event, We go our lunch and it was so good because we got cookies and brownies that were really tasty and I wish I had taken more because they were so good!

We went to Hamleys and I got a jigsaw of London and a reusable bag that we will be using for everything and by everything I mean, we will be eating out of this bag because it was £5!

Thanks for reading and ride on!XXX