We're On Holiday!

Activities from today!

Today, we hopped on the bus and went to Haggerston castle holiday park. We came here for my birthday of which was on Monday and it didn't go so well (read my last post to find out more) but we decided that Haggerston castle would be perfect because it was the place where I rode my first pony, and tomorrow I am going on an hour hack, one bad thing about it though is that, I wanted to do the 2 and a half hour hack where we got to canter as well as walk and trot but with the one-hour hack I only get to do walk and trot. It's better than nothing but I am disappointed that I am not able to canter, even though we tried to book through e-mail but nobody answered so we had to book it today and by that time all of the spaces for the 2 and a half hour hack were gone so I had to stick with the one hour! 

We found a walled garden That was beautiful, but we only found it in search of a Chinese garden, but I'm glad we found the walled garden because that's when I learned about Mike the headless chicken, he was a chicken who was supposed to have had his head chopped off by his owner to be later eaten but when his owner failed to damage a nerve that connects to the brain completely they thought that the chicken was special, so instead of killing him fully they looked after him for another 18 months before he died from choking on a very small piece of corn that they would occasionally feed him with his fine grain. They earned $4.5 thousand dollars every month which now would be about $48 thousand dollars a month just from doing shows. 

Anyway, thanks for reading and ride on! XXX