Welcome To My Life!

A short Intro To My Life

This is my first blog, and if you want to read then fine if not then fine, just know that this is my blog and any hatred will go in one eye and out the other because as I'm reading the comments I may or may not get I'm just remembering that I'm living a life I love and that my safe place is inside of me. But coming away from the dramatics I guess I should actually introduce myself or I could leave it a closed book, but how will I become famous if nobody knows my name, although I've read part of 'Girl Online' by Zoella and her life turned out ok, but I know nothing about that. As you may have already figured I get very sidetracked so before I get any more sidetracked, my name is Laura Charlton, I'm 13 years old, and my favourite thing to do is ride horses. Every Sunday from 8:00 am-4:30 pm I go and help out at NLRS's (north lizard riding school) stables, where I muck out stalls, bring in horses, turn out horses, ride horses, help children learn to ride and have fun with my stable friends. when I ride I feel like I can do anything, the horses make me believe I'm on top of the world. the one dream I have for the future along with working with animals I want to have my own horse whether I own one or a full stable of them, as long as I know I have a companion who will love me forever and I can love it back with all of my heart. 

This is me with my very loyal dog Holly Bobbins. I also live with my brother Iain, My mum Mandy Charlton and my cat Piracanther. My mum and Dad split up a couple of years ago so My dad and Sister live in Cramlington with my husky Petunia AKA choony balloony, and my sister's cat cupcake. 

My dreams mostly consist of me riding a unicorn into the sunset. Or riding Percy (my favourite horse at the stables) into a rainbow. Or riding smarties (my other favourite horse at the stables) into a rainbow of which is situated above the sunset. My mind is full of rainbows, unicorns, horses, colours, butterflies, family and friends. 

Anyway, now I'm just rambling on and you're probably getting bored reading this, well done if you made it through this whole incredibly cringy blog. 
thanks for reading and ride on!

Laura XXX


  1. Hello Looby
    Heard so much about you from your Mum it's good to finally "meet" you! Looking forward to hearing about your experiences together. Helen x


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