What It Means To Me!

Hi Riders,

Today it was great, now I know I have only been back at 'school' for 2 days but it feels good to unwind for 2 days and just let go of all of the work. At least I'll feel like that a lot because of home ED. But, today felt good because it was my best friend Elisha's birthday party and because we met in nursery school and because we met in school, we hardly see each other anymore so I was so glad to see her and all of my other school friends that I made in year 7 and 8. The only thing that made me annoyed was that she has gone to the MetroCentre the last 2 years and then she thought that town would be different, but it's still SHOPPING! Now shopping is something I'm, not a big fan of, in fact, it's something I hate. In fact, I hate it so much I would much rather ride horses, although that's quite a bad example because I would rather do riding other than a lot of things. well, I would rather eat my own leg than go shopping for 5 HOURS! (which is the amount of time we spent shopping and my money was gone in the first hour and a half). The worst part about the shopping was that I was carrying around a bag that weighed a ton, and that made my neck hurt, my back was hurting because I was sleeping on an air bed that deflated during the night that meant I was sleeping in a compacted space on the floor with 8 and a half hours of sleep.

Today was not relaxing but it was fun because as soon as me and Elisha's friends were all grouped up we walked further down the street we saw these 2 dancers who taught me how to do a handstand on these stand things!

These were the street performers! they showed me how to do a handstand on these stands after they did a whole amazing show. I got no pictures!

Anyway because I'm such a good blogger I'm going to end it here because I'm such a good blogger!

Thanks for reading and ride on! xx