Home Education Baking and a talk!


Being home educated means meal planning and making meals. Today I made, Roast Chicken Tikka as I'm writing this it is still in the oven but I am positive that it will turn out... edible. 
The recipe of roast chicken tikka I'm making is from Jamies 5 ingredient meals. plenty of healthy ingredients in it such as cauliflower, potatoes, chicken, tikka curry paste, and parsley. It is currently roasting in the oven. Other recipes I have made are cookies that ended up soggy because I put glac√© cherries on the top of them and the liquids seeped through and made the cookies quite soggy. One of the good things about home education is that I can stay in my pajamas all day so today whilst I was cooking I was in pajamas and an aipron. Great fashion sence by me. this blog is pretty much 50% of the learning I'm doing right now and I'm loving it. my blog is now a place I can just Talk to my heart's content or not talk much at all. 

I wanted to talk a bit about my favorite hobby horse riding. Most people have told me it's not a 'proper sport' but to all of the people who say that even the people not reading, if you think that for one-minute horse riding is 'easy' you are very mistaken if you think it doesn't work your cardio or exercise you in any way shape or form then talk to my biceps because before I started riding I have never been stronger than I am now. 
this is the sport I love and if you can't accept that it is a sport that works you hard then you obviously have never been pushed enough, if you look at the Olympics then you will see that stuff like horse racing and dressage competitions aren't really a main sport that many people take into recognition around the world, but it is a sport that bonds animals and humans together with heart, it is not all about competing in the horse world it is about bonding with the animals you love. Percy may not be my horse by law but in my heart, he is my horse. 

That's all for my sappy ranting and now I'm going to say goodbye,
thanks for reading and ride on XXX


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