Today is the day of which I was born at 9:30 AM 14 years ago! I will admit that I didn't have the best birthday because of some issues that happened on this day, but we won't go into detail because the Elephant in the room is I AM NOW 14 YEARS OLD! yes everybody no more 'cartoonito' 

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qbtsvQT-tMA (reference to that quote) 

I will probably miss being 13 but honestly, it doesn't feel any different being 14. My best memory from being 13 is definitely going to Tenerife with my dad, I had an amazing time. I went on this 1-hour hack around the Mountains on a beautiful horse called princess. Sadly I cant get a picture of her up on here because Airdrop isn't working for me. But last year was one of my favourite birthday parties because me and all of my riding friends went out on a hack together!
This is a picture from last year when I was happily 13 years old I was riding a horse called Peanut and I'm the one on the far left. 

Today my mum and I went out shopping in town and I went to pay for a hot water bottle that looked like a unicorn from PaperChase and when I took my bag off my back I saw the front pocket where my phone and my purse were was open and it was only my purse left, so I paid for my hot water bottle and I turned around to my mum and said "My Phone Is Gone" so we panic and wander round Fenwicks where all of the paperchase stuff is and then my mum says we shouldn't worry because I might have just left it at home, so we go for sushi at our favourite place, Yo Sushi and we sit down in a booth, I take my coat off, my mum looks up and says 'Looby, I found your phone' I look down at my shirt pocket and there my phone was In all its glory! (at least I know where I got my flakiness from, 'mother') 

This week we are going to stay in a camper van for 2 nights at Haggerston castle. I am going on a 2 and a half hour hack along the beach and countryside. Haggerston castle was the place of which I rode my first pony, that pony was called Freddie I hope to see him too when I'm there. We are also going to try and pack in as much as we possibly can. While I'm out riding my mum is going to be at the spa, we are going to do swimming I hope maybe some family bingo if there is bingo there, but I'm thoroughly excited to see where this week will go, even if I am a bit disappointed about today. 

We were in John Lewis today and they already have their Christmas stuff in!

Here are some more pictures from the party today!

Thanks for reading and ride on! XXX


  1. Hopefully we’ll have the best week ever and it’ll make up for the things which made you unhappy 😔


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