My Thoughts!

Last night, me and Mandy Charlton went to the theatre royal to see Crazy for you. When we got there we got our tickets that told us to go to the grand circle where we had amazing seats, we had almost a perfect view of the stage, except for the tall people's heads in front but we could see through the gaps so it was ok. 

the songs were amazing and now I love the show crazy for you! The show was filled with confusing mixed emotions. The story progresses through catchy song and dance numbers. It has sources of comedy in it and mixed emotions that convey into you to make you feel like your part of the story. The character of Bobby dresses up as Bella Zangler to impress Polly who is the only girl in the town of dead rock. Polly Ends up with a crush on Bobby whom she thinks is Bella Zangler but when Bobby comes out and tells her it's him Polly doesn't believe him and that's when the real Bella Zangler shows up in dead rock. Polly thinks she's in love with the real Bella Zangler but in actual fact, she is in love with Bobby but she just doesn't know it. Polly ends up crazy for the wrong man but the real Bella only turns up to find a woman who Bobby has asked to show up to help save a theatre the Polly loves. 

From my last review, you can tell I'm not great at writing so I'm going to wrap up here.
thanks for reading and ride on XXX