Bowling and Costco!

My Day!

Today, me and my mum went to a home education bowling meet up. I didn't win but it was good because I socialised with lots of people my age who have only recently started home-schooling just like me. When deciding if, your child should be homeschooled one thing that comes into parents minds that turns them away is your child not being able to socialise, but the best thing about homeschooling for me is being able to socialise in better environments for people like me. On the less serious side of this blog, me, my mum and Harriet, went to Costco and spent £71 on things we may or may not need because why not!
I found these 2 bears (of which I was not allowed to get) but they were too expensive so I had to let them go. But we did get everything we 'needed' and now Costco is one of my new favourite shops! It's like your wondering around as an ant in a huge shop. It's so big that on some of the shelves there were hot tubs on show because it's not your average shop. In Costco, we got this super fluffy throw that feels so Hygge-ish because this week's challenge is to make our house more suitable for Hygge. By getting this throw, we are getting rid of the Summer vibes and bringing in more loving vibes for Autumn. One downfall in Costco's selling plan is that they may have everything (for humans) but they don't have much for pets. When I heard they had everything my thoughts were that there would be like horse treats or dog treats at least but they only really have dog and cat food.

Thanks for reading and ride on!