My Experiences

Personally, I don't get anxiety but as a child who has a mum with anxiety, it gives me a chance to talk about it.  Today, my mum was getting anxiety because she is really worried about our family's personal income. It relates to the fact that in my mind I think that when she's talking about this, I'm thinking that she's worried about not being able to take care of us, which also makes me worry about if we will survive as a small family but I'm a small hypochondriac so I think the worst of some situations being the person I am. I don't talk about it but its there in the back of my mind, and when she worries she makes me worry, but not in the anxiety sort of way I worry but I don't show it is in the back of my mind with the worst of the situations. With a mum who has anxiety, I have to find ways to deal with it today I made cupcakes, (after we went and photographed a nice lady) 
Cupcakes make everyone feel better! My mum and I are very whimsical people so these cupcakes were not normal they were MARSHMELLOW FLOWER CUPCAKES! and it has to be capitalized otherwise the effect is ruined! 

Whilst we were at the photo shoot we got offered to go into the all saints church to see inside because we were there at the right time. 
The inside was very circular and majestic! the colors were very church-like. I was very satisfied with my visit to the All Saints Church and my talk about Anxiety with everyone who reads! 

Thanks for reading and ride on! XXX


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