1867 (My Thoughts)

Last night my mum and I went and saw a "play" at the Tyne theatre and opera house. When we got there we collected our tickets and we were told to go to the saloon (the bar) and from what we were told we were going to be "part of the play" by this statement we were completely and utterly confused. When a man walked in dressed like he was from 1867 the confusion just built up so much more. We all got headsets and we were told to go to the dressing rooms then we were stood on the stage and one of the best moments was when the stage curtain was pulled up the view from the stage was beautiful.
we went and sat in the audience whilst we listened to the opera. Then we went under the stage, and looking at all of the original machinery and new machinery made me feel like I was in 1867. I don't really have much to say about the whole experience except for it was a night I will never forget. I don't review things professionally but if all experiences were as good as this one then I would never say no to anything again because I loved this night so much.

I'm, not one who could write for England because I still don't know much about writing but now I'm just rambling like I always do really so I'm going to wrap up here.

Thanks for reading and ride on XXX 


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