Catchup! (for riding)

Horse riding catchup!

Hellooooo, welcome back to this blog that I made and haven't written on for about, what seems like 12 years but its actually only been about a month and a half. I love writing about horse riding so that's why I'm catching up on my blog with horseriding.

I have recently been moved up to the highest lesson and I'm so happy because I have been waiting for my talents to be noticed for ages and so now I am in the highest lesson I might just get my horse I've been waiting for my whole life! If I was to get a horse I would want a white fresian called firefly because fresians are beautiful breeds of horses and white fresians are super rare if you search for it on google you'll just see how beautiful they are, my issue with it is that fresians are expensive anyway, white fresians practically cost the world to buy and then caring and cleaning and stabling them is just adding on Jupiter into the equation!

a white fresian is beautiful and graceful but we have come to the conclusion that they coz an arm and a leg to buy adding on an eye because they are so expensive. 

I'm currently on holiday in Wales at blue stone which is basically the Welsh version of centre parks so I will be blogging tomorrow and Friday! 

Thanks for reading and ride on! XXX